Pelletized Limestone

Pelletized Limestone Ag-Lime

Pelletized Limestone

For centuries Ag-Lime has been used to balance pH and promote nutrient absorption. Our pelletized lime granules are consistently sized, produced from high calcium Granulated Limestone for optimum spreading ease and effectiveness

Custom Orders

 We are deeply rooted in the industrial minerals sector and have the capacity to supply a wide variety of industrial minerals and alternative sourced fertilizers. We have an extensive milling facility as well as several ore circuits capable of altering P2O5 levels and custom granulation. 

Name Origin

The name "Red Pocket" was suggested to us by a  large Asian customer who felt it would bring us luck and encourage sales. Red Pockets are envelopes (with money) presented as gifts at Chinese New Years designed to bring luck and wealth. Hopefully our fertilizers will bring you both.